This BLOGG post is just for my own healing journey.

When I ran away from my first husband, it’s was hell before but hell started after that too. My children was used as weapon against me. And one by one I had to give to him just because he didn’t want to pay me for having them all 3 with me.
He even asked in courtroom, if he could have one kid registered on him, so he could pay less to me and his tax.

But worst part was actually when he blocked my phone number so I couldn’t reach them. An my reaction was back then, I went totally mad!

He and his new partner just took away my kids together make them believe I was monster, and when I drop on their door so mad because I couldn’t talk to my children, they just, look look at your mother, she is crazy she so mad.

And always they called police and lied to police and told police that I didn’t have any right to see my children and I was not allowed to see or talk to my children, so police called me and told me to leave them alone and never don’t go visit them again!

I got abused from my ex husband and his partner and police who didn’t do their job to check if what he told them was truth or not. I felt raped and abused!

Im crying now, its sad because my children have forgotten who their mother is.

So much lies has been told to my kids. And his new partner talks to their school and everywhere talk about how bad mother I was, how little I was there for my children. She is the angel that came along and saved them from their crazy mother!
She was not even in our life when I was with that man in 12 years!

Even in last court she got all the blame. His lawyer all she talked about was that all was new partners idea, he didn’t do anything it was his partner.

But I don’t believe in that it was just her idea. I believe she is just puppet and do what he says she should do.

So I need to heal this part, it’s sad that my own kids was not allowed of their father to meet me.

And now they say you where not there. You didn’t want to see us.

But this is not the truth I tried so much I tried all I could but every time I did, I got call from police, even just after dropping gifts to my children I got call from police!

And they didn’t even believed me when I said its not true, I have parental responsibility, that man has kidnappet my children! The police just said this is not what the father has told us!

And its shame that police didn’t even used 5 extra minute to check if its was the reality or not!

I cry now, and its good, its heals my broken heart…

is it just bullshit then that you can lie to police so many times and still walk as free man?

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