I may not dated many, in this single period of mine, but I have observed enough to understand red flags so I don’t get myself involved too much too soon. And talked some with others about this too.

So here comes list enjoy from my point of view, bring some popcorn too 😆

  • They hide their friendliest on Facebook! (why? what more do you hide?)
  • All their exes is crazy
  • They have nothing good to say about their ex
  • They are controlling, want to know your plans but dont share anything about their life
  • They never bother to ask if you need any help
  • They hide that they are in relationship! (who wants to have relationship with anyone who hide their relationship)
  • They stalk you while hiding their relationship status, but they are in relationship
  • They want you to be quite and tip top around them
  • They talk with others but won’t let you talk to any
  • They dont want show their true feelings
  • They are not patient with you but want you to use all your time on understanding them
  • They yell at you when you just have met
  • They talk all about themselves but dont ask anything about you
  • They know answer to everything and knows everything in life
  • They fly around you like hummingbird, wants you to be all over them, while they just playing hard to get (so fucking turn off)
  • They dont answer you at all, but still wants you to keep their feelings in consideration
  • They post mental health and kindness post on social media, but act like ass on private
  • They lie a lot when you talk to them
  • They try to confuse your reality
  • They get angry when you confronted them with the lie they have served you
  • They ghost you right after they say let me know if you have come home safe
  • They are married and wants to have someone on side, so they make time when they want
  • They are full of empty promises
  • They do love bombing
  • They just make contact late at evening or late at nights (fuck off)
  • They send you dick pic
  • They ask for donation
  • They want you to send them healing for free, they never offer anything for all job you do
  • They want you for themselves but never make any move
  • They never ask you about anything in life not even how your day has been
  • They make up whole new identity that belongs to their fake profile and act on it
  • They say I love you too soon, my fear is to lose you too soon, but act like they dont even care to make any contant
  • They dont want to share personal information
  • They dont want to share their phone number
  • They ask for money to see them
  • They sitting all day on social media but doesn’t respond to your messages

I may add more after some time, but this is a good list, please let me know if you have more I can add